Kinga Nichols

Watership Down

For those, who attended this event last year and worked on the cousins with me, you might recall that those angry little birds were the outcome of a year of pandemicky angst. Irv and Francis embodied that spirit of 2020. I had high hopes for 2021 being a much better year and in fact, it turns out that 2020 never ended! But I am done with the angst and woe and moving on to greener pastures, sweeter grass, fluffier feels.

And such yearning for things that soothe the aching soul turned into this project. Watership Downs is a bracelet that will make you feel good, fuzzy feels.

The center of the chevron shaped bracelet features the finest Chinowski crystals money can buy. They form a bunny paw shape. There are two mother of pearl rabbits above it, and on the Spring colorway, the velvet that shifts from sage to grey is very fur like. Both colorways feature Czech glass pearls, beautiful freshwater rice pearls too and Ethiopian opal beads. The Autumn colorway has color changing gold-magenta organza instead of velvet. Anna bronze leaves add a touch of woodland mystery to the design and the gorgeous holographic Italian leather backings make the piece glow. The closure is a German engineered Elegant Elements bead slide clasp and it's a seamless, sleek addition to the piece.

The colors are sweetly glowy and quiet. Everything about this design is intentionally soothing and soft and lovely. I wanted you to feel loved, embraced and at peace while you work on this project with me, while we sit together, bead together, create together. May beading up a peaceful fairy tale bring us closer to a saner, lovelier, cozier reality.

Melissa Grakowski

Painterly Bracelet

Paint a picture with beads as you learn how to use graduated colors of seed beads to create vibrantly-hued leaf shapes that accentuate beautiful hand-made paint and glitter cabochons. Colored cork fabric and a slide clasp makes it easy to customize the bracelet to any length of wrist. To work this project you'll need to know basic bead embroidery techniques and peyote stitch.

Kinga Nichols was born in 1980, in Hungary. At 19, she packed up her life in a backpack and moved to the US where she has been residing since, albeit not at the same place. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her boyfriend  and furbabies Samantha Regina Nichols and Marley. Samantha Regina is not only her muse but her model as well. Many of Kinga's best known pieces were popularized by the canine model.

 One way or another Kinga has been always making things, which started turning into a career when she was painting murals at the time she lived in New York. The murals were fun, but  she did not feel like painting was her calling. Eventually she picked up a bead and Button magazine in 2007, found a bead embroidery project, and slowly but surely the obsession took over. 

After that first project, she started creating her own designs and quickly found her own distinctive voice that allowed her to translate her imaginings into beadwork. Kinga is always brainstorming, and her imagination provides an endless supply of fanciful ideas that she translates into bead embroidery. 

Her work first got noticed in the first Battle of the Beadsmith, quickly followed by her being a BeadDreams finalist in 2013 and getting 3rd place in the same competition in the Swarovski category in 2014, and a book feature in Marcia Decoster Presents, 2014. In 2015 she won first place in the crystal category in BeadDreams. She has done a number of instructional bead embroidery videos for Interweave publishing in 2016 and 2017, and has been featured in magazines in the US and Europe.

 In 2013 she started teaching and she hopes to continue this as her chosen profession for a long time to come, not only passing on beady knowledge, but perhaps her unique way of looking at the world as a magical place filled with endless possibilities.

You can reach Kinga by email at

Katalin Budainé Nagy

Kiss of Venetian Sun and Tears of Venetian Moon

Inspired by the Carnival of Venice. The iconic scenery of Venice creates the most magical backdrop for the costumed participants and transforms the city into an enchanting and spellbinding place.
The cabochons are handmade by Kata and she will include extras in your kits in the event you don't like working with faces.

We're looking forward to Zooming with you! 

My name is Katalin Budainé Nagy, alias BéKata.

I live in Budapest, Hungary. I have always loved all kinds of creativity, in my younger years I was sewing, drawing and painting for years. I graduated as an interior designer in my early thirties, where I studied art history, chromatics, drawing and furniture history amongst other subjects. I enjoyed those years very much, these studies developed my creativity and designing skills. I turned to jewelry making 15 years ago, at first I worked with wire, but that was not for me. Then I started beadweaving, but it was not satisfying enough either, I felt I could not fly high enough. So I decided to try bead embroidery… When I saw the American and Russian ladies’ artworks, I felt I had arrived in my own creative world… I am continuously learning new techniques, looking for new materials, tools, I love mixed media, and my new love is polymer clay. It is huge fun to combine these two techniques, the result is always a completely unique piece of art. I have been teaching bead embroidery in Hungary for 4 years, in the biggest beadshop of Budapest.

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Melissa G Shippee is a published beadwork designer who teaches workshops internationally, contributes regularly to books and magazines, and illustrates diagrams for other instructors. She studied physics and art in college but turned her attention to beads when motherhood changed the direction of her life.  

 Her publications and contributions include two full-length instructional beading books called Beautiful Beadwork from Nature and I Can Herringbone, as well as projects in Beadwork Magazine, Bead & Button Magazine, Bead Star Magazine, Perlen Poesie, and Beading All Stars. 

Melissa has been a Beadwork Magazine Designer of the Year and a Starman Trendsetter, and also won awards for her bead artistry. To view more of Melissa's designs, visit

Twitter: mgsdesigns_net
Instagram: mgsdesigns_insta
Facebook: Melissa Grakowsky Shippee