Betty Stephan's beading classes are focused on learning but at the same time are relaxed and a lot of fun! Her years of beading and teaching experience and the detailed, illustrated instructions provide the guidance needed to finish her beautiful class projects.

She has won numerous international awards for her bead embroidered collars including Bead Dreams, Bead Star and Battle of the Beadsmith.  Betty’s work has been published in several books and magazines. 

Betty teaches throughout the year, from Detroit to France- and anywhere in between! Of course these days, Zoom classes have taken the place of traveling.  Hopefully in person classes will be resuming soon.

When not traveling or designing jewelry in her Western New York studio, Betty and her husband travel around the country in their little teardrop camper - fully equipped to bead as she goes!


Shona Bevan

Shona is a London based bead designer who loves to create a big impact with tiny beads and makes elegant, wearable jewelery with a focus on beautiful finishing.  Primarily self-taught, Shona began beading as a teenager and her love of beads has continued ever since. 

Shona taught at the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee for its final five years  and regularly teaches across the UK, Europe and USA.  You can see more of Shona’s work on her website at


Jayashree Paramesh


Alhambra Necklace draws inspiration from the grand arched doorways, beautiful calligraphic inscriptions, and gardens of the Alhambra Palace in Spain. This distinctive necklace features a beaded sweetheart neckline, a flower etched crystal in the center and a dazzling teardrop crystal below punctuates the look. The rope has scrolling elements from Moorish pottery which makes the necklace unique, feminine, and stare worthy. Finished with adjustable and embellished sliding cord clasp.  Techniques: CRAW, PRAW, peyote.

Length: 20”, adjustable.

Kits will be available in at least 4 colors.
Kit Price: $90

We're looking forward to Zooming with you! 

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Shona Bevan


Light and airy, the Zephyr pendant is a self-supporting structure built with triangular peyote-stitched elements embellished along all edges with sparkling crystal bicones and finished with a delicate crystal tassel.  Whether it reminds you of a kite, a lantern or even a jellyfish, this is a captivating piece that shimmers in any light.  Enjoy wearing it as a pendant for a glamorous event or display it as an extravagant ornament.

This project is suitable for intermediate/advanced beaders who are proficient with peyote stitch.

Available in Purple, Silver or Turquoise

Kit Price: $70

Betty Stephan

Embroidered on cork fabric, this small collar is a very comfortable and wearable size- but still packs a big punch! As an unusual addition- a round bead embroidered, dimensional piece is fitted into the cutout at the center of the collar with a lacy beaded pattern. 

Against the dark background, the combination of matte backlit beads and sparkly crystals really pop. It is finished off with a woven neck chain and toggle clasp.   A fun project for all levels! 

Available in Green, Red or Blue
Kit Price: $95



Jayashree Paramesh was introduced to the world of beads through a bead embroidery class she took while a student at Parsons, The New School for Design, New York. She looks everywhere for inspiration and then creates from within. Her designs are more about her desire to bring out the unique beauty of the beads and the woman, rather than having a signature style. That being said, she is inspired by fine jewelry and loves to use some gold or silver in her pieces. Sparkly crystals and gemstones in jewel-tones are her favorites.

She has been beading for about 11 years. Her designs have been published in Perlen Poesie, Beadwork, Bead and Jewellery Magazine and Bead and Button. She has taught and continues to teach at various studios and stores across the USA, Bead and Button Shows, exclusive bead retreats, bead cruises and Bead Guilds. It is a very gratifying experience for her to share her designs with fellow bead artists.