Marcia has been creating jewelry out of little tiny seed beads since first becoming enamored in the early 1990’s.
Her teaching career began in 1998 alongside her corporate career until 2004 when the beads became her full time endeavor.
Marcia has taught worldwide, has published three books and six videos and loves to share what she has learned along the way.
Marcia has stepped back from a full time bead career but as she still finds much pleasure sharing the love of beads and design she accepts the very occasional opportunity to still be in the classroom.

Tracy is from the Pacific Northwest and has been teaching beading and wire working techniques for over 35 years. She loves organic elements and brings that into her work. Tracy is a big believer in quality tools and solid techniques and enjoys passing this on to her students so that they too can make amazing pieces that are structurally sound, pieces that they can be proud of.  Teaching is truly her happy place.
Over the years she has taught classes at bead stores all over the country, from Alaska to Florida and the major bead and wire shows around the country.  She has also taught on a number of bead cruise retreats over the years.  She has written two books: Making Wire & Bead Jewelry and Exploring Metal Jewelry.  Tracy will be opening her Etsy Store very soon- TracyStanleyArt

Beki Haley

Merlin's Treasure & Circe (Thursday Bonus Class)

A magical treasure trove of beaded baubles dangling from a modified CRAW rope that looks like a garden trellis.  This project is so much fun to bead!
You can add as many or as few dangling bits and baubles off the ends of your lariat necklace as suits your tastes.  There are some in every size, bezeled in RAW, CRAW and embellished with other gorgeous beads, crystals and pearls.

Intermediate skill level
Kits $75

Available in at least three colorways!


Your 2023 Beaders Dream Retreat

San Francisco Class Lineup......

We're looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco! 

Cindy Holsclaw


Create a garden for your winged friends!
This component-based project is all about options: you can stitch several types of jewelry, follow symmetry or asymmetry,and make it uniform and ordered or totally chaotic. In this workshop you’ll learn how to stitch and connect a collection of floral components to create your dream butterfly garden.

Class kits contain an abundance of beads, and you’ll adapt your kit to your own personal style: create a fancy, formal necklace, or stitch a petite pendant, a pair of earrings, and a long beaded chain.
Kits will be available in several different colorways.

Est. Kit Cost: no more than $79
Final price coming soon....

Marcia DeCoster
& Tracy Stanley

Imagine Peace & Love

Tracy and Marcia have been friends a long time and have always enjoyed collaborating to bring special pieces into the world.

This design started with the whimsical beaded bauble which became the foundation to showcase the sweet stack of shrinket florals. This little tower became a bottle topper and can adorn any space in your home to bring a smile.
While a beaded bauble is fun, we also recognized that some of us prefer our beading to result in a wearable piece of bead art, so we topped our bottle topper with one of Tracy’s embossed metal hearts, complete with a word of your choice. Our words are imagine peace and love.
You’ll be able to bead embroider the edge in colors coordinated with your bead bauble. You’ll add your choice of pin back to create a brooch or loops to create a pendant. A special finding atop your bauble will allow you to display your heart when not being worn.

A few things to know: When you order one of three kit colors you’ll also be asked for your word. The bauble colors will be packaged with letter designations as usual, but your heart embroidery beads will be bead soup in your selected color way and be in your bottle. Shrink plastic toppers will be created by Marcia and Tracy and contain 3 to 5 shrinkets that will coordinate with the bottles. During class you’ll have an opportunity to choose your favorite topper. They will all be different, but there will be plenty for you to find one you like.
While we won’t be making shrinkets in class we will talk about the making process for anyone interested.

Intermediate skill level
Kit price $135
Includes bottle, wooden finial, handmade metal embossed heart with word of your choice mounted on bead backing, leather to finish back, pin back, shrinket floral stack, finding to display heart, ribbon trim on bottle.

Available in 3 color ways.

I am a Venezuelan- American jewelry designer and instructor. I have been working with a variety of techniques from Metalsmithing, Precious Metal Clay, and Beading.
As a teenager I attended metalsmithing classes which allowed me to participate in an important competition for the museum of Arts of Fire in 1987, where I was awarded the “First place – Jewelry Category”.  
In the early 90’s I moved to Florida, and I had the pleasure to work for a company designing jewelry with titanium components for QVC, Disney and others.  

My current passion is bead stitching and most importantly teaching. Teaching what I know is what makes me happy since a very young age. I have taught metalwork and beadwork in many places and retreats in the USA including B&B, South America, Europe and China. I am currently with my husband in California teaching Mathematics and Beadwork. 

Cindy Holsclaw dabbled in crafts for longer than she can remember, but she’s always been most fond of geometric structures. After many years of exploring these mathematical forms in modular origami, in 2006 she learned that these structures could also be made with beads. From then on, she was hooked! In 2009 Cindy started writing patterns for her own beading designs, and in 2012 she dove into designing and teaching beadwork full-time.

With a background in academia and a doctorate in biochemistry, Cindy takes an analytical approach to her design style; she likes exploring different bead shapes and variations on the established beading techniques, and she’s constantly thinking of new ways to put beads together. Biochemistry and mathematics continue to inspire her and often show up in her finished work. As an educator, Cindy challenges her students to learn something new in every class, while giving them the tools they need through her very detailed beading patterns.

In 2015 Cindy was named Designer of the Year by Beadwork Magazine, and a series of her beading videos were published by Interweave in the same year. Cindy taught at the Bead & Button show for eight years, and currently teaches at national and international venues. When not on the road, Cindy makes her home in San Diego, California with her musician husband and daughter.

Visit Cindy's Website at:


Marjorie Garcia Barnes

Secret Keepers

Inspired by the essence of mythical tribal guardians that cast a spell of protection over those that wear their iconography, this eye-catching necklace is sure to draw admirers while keeping the secrets close to your heart. The masks on either side of the strands listen passively to all that transpires around them, and will watch over you as you enjoy special events together. The bells complement the piece by warding off evil spirits with their gentle sounds. I will encourage you to add your personal touch and taste to make this stunning piece your own.

The masks are hand painted porcelain and they can be substituted if you prefer.

Intermediate skill level.

Kit cost: $120
Available in two color choices.

Beki Haley has been in love with beads for over 40 years now. She was introduced to the amazing art form of seed bead weaving by her grandmother when she was a child. That early start in exploring the intricacy and fine detail that can be attained with seed beads has stayed with Beki throughout her life. Even as a young teen, Beki loved teaching others all the beautiful things that can be created with beads. She has over 30 years of teaching experience in several different venues from large auditorium settings to intimate one-on-one classes and everything in between.

Training as a classic silversmith at a young age gave Beki an appreciation and understanding of the art and beauty of jewelry design. Beki uses those formal skills to teach the technical aspects of jewelry design. In her classes, the students learn the importance of attention to detail and craftsmanship while exploring their natural creativity. Her love of beads led Beki to open her own bead store, Out On A Whim, in 1986. With her husband, four children, several animals, and days filled with beads, Beki’s life is complete. During any stressful time in her life, Beki turns to her beads for comfort and calm. The meditative action of beading is the perfect tool to bring peace and joy to her otherwise busy and chaotic life. Sharing that joy by teaching others how to create with beads is a blessing beyond measure.

Learn more about Beki from her Facebook page:

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