Rangashrii Santhanam is an award-winning designer who started beading in 2009. Her designs have been published in magazines such as Beadwork and Bead and Jewelry and she is a member of the Beadsmith inspiration squad.

She was born in Chennai, India and educated in the sciences before moving to the US in 2005. Indian outfits are elaborate and work well with matching jewelry. She started looking to make accessories to go with the outfits by watching YouTube videos and later on tutorials from various artists. She started designing and making tutorials in 2017. Bead weaving is her favorite because it challenges her. Most of her designs are blingy and she loves the sparkle!

She is inspired by nature and quite a few of her designs mimic flowers. She travels with her beads as much as possible. Rangashrii lives in South Carolina with her loving husband and son, a puppy princess and a spoiled cat who is her absolute favorite child. Her hobbies are reading and gardening and she loves board games. You can find her designs and kits at www.shriidesignsllc.etsy.com or follow her on Instagram @shriidesigns

Rangashrii Santhanam