Sudharshana Necklace

Full Day Class - October 26th, 2024 • 9am to 3pm PT with a 1-hour lunch break


Class Description: This design combines perfect layers of seed beads and crystals to create an ombre effect. The centerpiece makes for a fabulous ornament or a showstopper of a pendant. 

Sudharshana is named after the Hindu god Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu. It is a divine weapon that protects against evil It is known for the God carrying sixteen different weapons to destroy the unsavory. The other aspect of Sudharshana is protection, safety and blessing. The pendant has two sides to showcase both aspects and the count of sixteen is shown in the concentric circles of crystals and pearls. Each row will have sixteen beads. 
Skill Level: Advanced - You will need to have working knowledge of CRAW, circular peyote, netting and right angle weave. Strong basic bead weaving skills are essential for this project. 
Techniques used: cubic right angle weave, circular peyote including changing directions, netting, right angle weave, and strong bead weaving skills. You need to be proficient in these stitches, the basics of the stitches will not be taught in this project.
Kit price: $145
Kit includes: All crystal bicones and pearls are Austrian crystal. The crown stones are the finest Chinese crystal. All seed beads are Miyuki and most are Duracoat. Clasp is base metal plated and pave CZ. 
Notes: the necklace is heavy because of the double sided pendant.

Rangashrii Santhanam

Sudharshana Necklace