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Beki Haley


A comedic character in dell'arte and the harlequinade, usually masked, dressed in multicolored, diamond-patterned tights, and carrying a wooden sword or magic wand.

Fancifully varied in colors and appearance.

This piece named itself as I was creating it for this retreat.  While I was watching a series on Netflix about the Tudor's and the design of the adornment worn by many in that era is reminiscent of this design, the name seemed to come from a completely different era.  I think it was the triangular shapes that won the day in having the name Harlequin seem to fit this design best.

You'll create beautifully ornate Peyote bezels around Swarovski Rivoli and then connect them with embellished Right Angle Weave framed Chatons. 

Available in three colorways

Marcia DeCoster

The unique construction of beading CRAW units on the bias provides four corners which can be used for embellishment, connections, tassels or a bail.  In the case of Amarissa all four of those were used to make this pretty, whimsical pendant.

The center bezeled rivoli is a custom coating which glows and has a depth which invites you in. Edged with a 2mm crystal the rivoli gives this piece plenty of sparkle.

A teeny bit of Hubble stitch is used to embellish the tassel and lends itself to embellishing in the spaces with more 2mm crystals.
Double CRAW was used to make the connections and add some substance and fun to the bail.

Given the diagonal edge formed by the bias construction affords a lot of color complexity in a very small space. 
A praw3 rope adds just the right amount of color and texture while keeping the things simple.

 Directions will be provided for a matching earring and kits will include enough beads to complete earrings as well.  Earwires and chain will not be provided but supply recommendations for chain will be made.


Marcia's love for beautiful jewelry and the desire to create her own designs brought Marcia to beads in the early 1990's. Marcia designs colorful and fun to wear jewelry and shares her designs through teaching and writing. Remembering her own early attempts, Marcia recognizes that everyone learns differently and so takes great care to provide clear, concise and comprehensive instructions, graphics and text.

Her work has been published Carol Wilcox Wells's The Art and Elegance of Bead Weaving and Margie Deeb's The Beaders Color Pallette.

In 2008 her work was featured in Masters Beadweaving and her urchin lariat graces the cover.

She is also the author of three amazing books -
2009 - Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence

2013 - Marcia DeCoster's Beads In Motion
2014 - Marcia DeCoster Presents: Interviews with 30 Beaders on Inspiration & Technique

Marcia is one of the featured 'Designers of the Year' in Beadwork magazine.

You can see more of Marcia’s work on her website at http://www.marciadecoster.com/
or her Etsy shop

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Beki Haley has been in love with beads for over 40 years now. She was introduced to the amazing art form of seed bead weaving by her grandmother when she was a child. That early start in exploring the intricacy and fine detail that can be attained with seed beads has stayed with Beki throughout her life. Even as a young teen, Beki loved teaching others all the beautiful things that can be created with beads. She has over 30 years of teaching experience in several different venues from large auditorium settings to intimate one-on-one classes and everything in between.

Training as a classic silversmith at a young age gave Beki an appreciation and understanding of the art and beauty of jewelry design. Beki uses those formal skills to teach the technical aspects of jewelry design. In her classes, the students learn the importance of attention to detail and craftsmanship while exploring their natural creativity. Her love of beads led Beki to open her own bead store, Out On A Whim, in 1986. With her husband, four children, several animals, and days filled with beads, Beki’s life is complete. During any stressful time in her life, Beki turns to her beads for comfort and calm. The meditative action of beading is the perfect tool to bring peace and joy to her otherwise busy and chaotic life. Sharing that joy by teaching others how to create with beads is a blessing beyond measure.

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Contact me at: info@BeadersDreamRetreat.com

My path to being an artist has always been driven by my desire to create something that is beautiful to me. I bead for myself, to satisfy my desire to create, to feed my soul. That others admire my work is a gift. If they see something in my work that appeals to them, that calls to them, then I am blessed indeed, as maybe they can see a glimpse of the part of me that is just following my heart.

Cynthia is a contemporary seed bead artist and teacher specializing in peyote stitch and off‐loom weaving techniques, with an emphasis on developing sculptural unsupported shapes in beadwork. As a teacher (over 20 years), Cynthia shares her expertise on the road for most of the year. Her work has been exhibited in national and international shows, many books and publications. Cynthia’s newest venture is her first solo book, “Timeless Beadwork Designs”, which became available in January 2016.

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We're looking forward to seeing you in San Diego! 
Cynthia, Marcia & Beki

Cynthia Rutledge


The Byzantine Empire era (330 to 1453 AD) was a time of wealth and prosperity. Constantine the Great, the ruler of the Roman Empire, transferred the imperial capitol from Rome to the ancient city of Byzantium, which was renamed Constantinople (modern Istanbul). Greco-Roman jewelry making and metalworking traditions were carried over to the new capitol.

Turkey has long since been a nation of many religions, bringing to the table a wide variety of styles and designs in jewelry. The gold trade was very much a part of the Byzantine Empire. Gold jewelry encrusted with gems from Persia and India were available in vast amounts.

A description of a woman of Antioch, who was preparing for a religious ceremony, was described as “She was decked out with gold ornaments, pearls and all sorts of precious stones, resplendent in luxurious and expensive clothes. Around her neck were necklaces and strings of pendants and pearls.”

The wealth and prosperity enjoyed by many during the early Byzantine era is demonstrated by the expensive jewelry produced during the period. Adornments from the 4th century are seen in paintings, mosaics, ivories, and manuscripts from Egypt, Constantinople, Rome, and France. Over time, they have been excavated at sites throughout the Byzantine world.

Jewelry played a significant role in how people expressed their status. Byzantine royalty loved having their bodies covered in jewelry. From headwear to earrings, necklaces, and body jewelry, these royals would wear as much as possible to show their status.

Anatolia’s Bracelet is inspired by the jewelry designs of this amazing period. Cubic Right-Angle-Weave (CRAW) done with True 2’s and seed beads form a shaped base for this design. Fine copper patina metal is the base of the center component. Bezeled and embellished with a bezeled CZ, this center component is fabulous! The center focal point leads into Peyote stitched straps embellished with bezeled CZ’s and ending in a sliding bar clasp.

Due to the nature of the materials a kit will be mandatory for this project.
Additional colorways will be available.