Sabine Lippert


This project was born under the impression of a trip to italy in spring 2016. Still impressed by the Renaissance architecture, I wanted to create a piece that reminds to the ornamental structure of long halls with pillars and ornamental windows in rosette shapes. 

Siena is mostly based on RAW and partly PRAW. 
The difficulty is intermediate.

Sabine anticipates have 5 different colorways for you to choose from!

Marcia DeCoster


Navona is a reversible pendant created with cubic right angle weave.  A unique split cube and an interior edge of smaller beads creates the four gentle curves that surround the inner circle.  One side shows the architectural structure of the piece while the other presents a beautifully intricate square filigree.  A Swarovski pendant is dropped from the bottom of the pendant with a bit of beadwork.  A split cube bail and two simple prismatic weave ropes finish the pendant beautifully without detracting from it.   The piece was conceived while visiting Piazza Navona in Rome.


Intermediate – Must know cubic right angle weave.  There is an excellent video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1Ib0qsQSy4
by Heather Collin

Beki Haley

Woodland Jewels

I'm really excited about the potential for this project.  It starts off with a custom created glass cabochon using incredible hardwood veneers. 
Once you've learned that technique you can design any number of pieces around all sorts of amazing woods...natural or colored.  Fun!

The beautiful cab is bezeled in simple Peyote stitch to allow the intricacies of the wood grains to really be the star of the show.
Embellished with lacy leaves and sparkling Rivoli as well as a few additional crystals and pearls thrown in because who doesn't love a little extra bling!

The entire centerpiece is attached at a slight angle on top of an embellished Hubble Stitch band.  This allows the lacy leaves to drape seductively over the top of your hand for a little femininity and flirtatiousness. 

Additional colorways will be available!
This sample shows Redwood Burl for the cabochon, I'm also working on Birds Eye Maple and Paduak woods...both stunning!


Your 2017 Beaders Dream Retreat

San Diego Class Lineup......

Marcia is a leading beadwork artist, teacher, and writer. She was one of 36 artists featured in Masters Beadweaving. She has published three books, and shared her techniques through video.

In 2014 Marcia presented Playing with Possibilities, a Bead and Button Master Class.

Her work spans an aesthetic from whimsical to elegant. Proficient in many stitches she has worked in depth in both right angle weave and cubic right angle weave. Many of her designs incorporate some version of these two stitches.

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Beki Haley has been in love with beads for over 40 years now. She was introduced to the amazing art form of seed bead weaving by her grandmother when she was a child. That early start in exploring the intricacy and fine detail that can be attained with seed beads has stayed with Beki throughout her life. Even as a young teen, Beki loved teaching others all the beautiful things that can be created with beads. She has over 30 years of teaching experience in several different venues from large auditorium settings to intimate one-on-one classes and everything in between.

Training as a classic silversmith at a young age gave Beki an appreciation and understanding of the art and beauty of jewelry design. Beki uses those formal skills to teach the technical aspects of jewelry design. In her classes, the students learn the importance of attention to detail and craftsmanship while exploring their natural creativity. Her love of beads led Beki to open her own bead store, Out On A Whim, in 1986. With her husband, four children, several animals, and days filled with beads, Beki’s life is complete. During any stressful time in her life, Beki turns to her beads for comfort and calm. The meditative action of beading is the perfect tool to bring peace and joy to her otherwise busy and chaotic life. Sharing that joy by teaching others how to create with beads is a blessing beyond measure.

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We're looking forward to seeing you in San Diego! 
Sabine, Marcia & Beki

Officially Sabine was a physician in her former life, but actually she was a crafter, long time before she ever entered the university. So it was only a question of time, that her love for many kinds of crafting and needlework one day took over her life again. In 2006 she gathered her first quality beads and quickly started to create her own designs. After teaching some workshops locally, she had the opportunity to publish her first book in Germany (beaders cookbook 2009). Two other books followed in the USA (beaded Fantasies 2012 and Beadwork evolution 2014). 
For years now she is teaching internationally in Europe, the USA and Japan. Her designs are based on a multitude of techniques and she loves to fade one technique into another, to use the strength of each of them which leads to the intended structure of her jewelry. Also her designs have a wide range in style and structure, some are rather „every day wearable“, others are made for the red carpet. Some based on lots of crystals, others more decent, playing with the multiple colors that seed beads offer, but all of them are made to enhance the little princess in you. 

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