Miriam Shimon

Clair de Lune

This necklace was inspired by the beautiful musical piece by French composer, Claude Debussy. Romantic, sparkly, with a bit of whimsy. It contains a variety of different bezels in different sizes and shapes and a gorgeous wearable pearl strap with an intricate woven pattern. A statement piece that can be work as it is, or configured into a different style with either more or less crystals according to preference. Basic knowledge in peyote bezelling is a recommended and the project suits all levels from confident beginners and onwards.

Kit price: $100

Miriam Shimon is a jewelry designer and artist born and raised in Denmark and since the age of 18 resided in Israel. Born with a natural inclination towards creativity, Miriam has carved a distinctive niche for herself in the world of jewelry design through her  craftsmanship and innovative designs.

With a career spanning several years, Miriam has achieved widespread recognition for her love and dedication to her craft. Her unique approach to jewelry making has earned her numerous accolades and awards, establishing her well known figure in the industry. Miriam's creations have graced the pages of prestigious magazines, showcasing her delicate designs to a global audience.

Miriam's speciality lies in working with seed beads and crystals. She weaves together  delicate elements, creating intricate patterns and captivating textures. Her attention to detail and joyful color combinations, and varying techniques bring her visions to life.

Additionally, Miriam is known for her proficiency in working with soutache—a decorative cord traditionally used in embroidery. Through her artistic vision, Miriam transforms these materials into wearable works of art.

Miriam's jewelry reflects a harmonious blend of her Danish roots and her Israeli surroundings, resulting in unique and culturally inspired designs. Her creations often evoke a sense of nature, incorporating organic shapes and vibrant colors that capture the essence of both her heritage and her environment.


Beki Haley

Lady Jane

A pendant inspired by Tudor Era jewels, Lady Jane can be worn as a broach or necklace or attached to a purse or even framed and displayed on your wall.

Lady Jane, is a blend of bohemian allure and vintage charm. With a creative soul, you'll weave the beads using a Modified Netting technique to capture the brilliant Rivoli, then a bit of Twisted Backstitch and regular Backstitch and Picot Edging incorporating a tiny bit of bead embroidery.  Finally onto the alluring fringe that dances with each gentle sway. This creation is light as air, adorned with playful fringe that adds a whimsical touch. In Lady Jane's world, every piece tells a story, echoing the nostalgia of bygone eras while embracing the boundless creativity of the present.

Stitches include - Modified Netted Bezel, Twisted Backstitch, Backstitch, Beaded Edging, Fringing.

Kit Price: $78

Melissa Shippee

Arboreal Bauble

Arboreal Bauble is an intermediate level bead embroidery pendant featuring sculpted petal-like shapes made by stitching beads onto a Bead By Number TM template. The embroidery layers are wrapped around a paper mache bead, making the pendant very lightweight and wearable.

Kit price: $48

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Beki Haley has been in love with beads for over 50 years now. She was introduced to the amazing art form of seed bead weaving by her grandmother when she was a child. That early start in exploring the intricacy and fine detail that can be attained with seed beads has stayed with Beki throughout her life. Even as a young teen, Beki loved teaching others all the beautiful things that can be created with beads. She has over 30 years of teaching experience in several different venues from large auditorium settings to intimate one-on-one classes and everything in between.

Training as a classic silversmith at a young age gave Beki an appreciation and understanding of the art and beauty of jewelry design. Beki uses those formal skills to teach the technical aspects of jewelry design. In her classes, the students learn the importance of attention to detail and craftsmanship while exploring their natural creativity. Her love of beads led Beki to open her own bead store, Out On A Whim, in 1986. With her husband, four children, several animals, and days filled with beads, Beki’s life is complete. During any stressful time in her life, Beki turns to her beads for comfort and calm. The meditative action of beading is the perfect tool to bring peace and joy to her otherwise busy and chaotic life. Sharing that joy by teaching others how to create with beads is a blessing beyond measure.

Learn more about Beki from her Facebook page:

Contact me at: info@BeadersDreamRetreat.com

Melissa Shippee is a beadwork artist known for her extravagant beaded masks and other show pieces, and enjoys sharing her unique designs with the world through online and in-person workshops, beading kits, and downloadable patterns. 

 Not always a jewelry artist, Melissa began her adult life with an education in physics and fine art painting, but a left turn into motherhood led her to the unique and wonderful world of beading and she’s been hooked on the art form ever since.

Melissa’s other interests include construction, gardening, any and all branches of science, cooking and baking, and spending time with her family.

 To see more of Melissa’s work, visit her website at www.MGSdesigns.net